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I'm fortunate to be able to spend most of my working time focused on and thinking about what really matters most...organizational health. I am a believer in the concept of driving clarity in all things and seeking the least complicated solution to problems. Clarity reduces friction which increases the speed and quality of decision making.

I believe that healthy organizations are those that are good at pulling The 3 Levers - People, Strategy and Execution.


Hire, train and retain the right people.


Decide what is most important and create actions to achieve it.


Keep the right people focused on what is most important.

How to Keep Your Personal Power and Stay A Step Ahead of the Competition

Ask 100 people to define leadership and you'll get 100 different answers.

Some will share stories of famous athletes, others will cite the heroics of a war hero and still others will talk about a mentor who helped them through a rough time. My definition is simple...you're a leader when, regardless of your title, you choose a leadership mindset over victimhood...read more

5 Staples of An Awesome Morning Routine

Get Some Wins In Early For A Confidence Boost That Lasts All Day

By establishing a morning routine, you are taking charge of your day, before anything or anybody else takes charge for you. By doing this, you're consciously and subconsciously making progress toward your goals and getting a boost of self-confidence in the process. read more